Welcome to Vantage Point Security.

Software Security Starts Here.


Build and Mature a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) for Your Enterprise Applications.

Why Vantage Point Security?

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Trust your Systems and Apps

All services are performed by industry-leading experts. Instead of just running automated tools, we use a comprehensive testing methodology to make sure that our clients' systems are truly secure to the highest standards.

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Save Cost by Addressing Security Early

Moving beyond traditional testing services, we help our clients to build security into all aspects of the development lifecycle. By avoiding security risks in the first place, our clients save significant costs in the long run.

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Do Business with Confidence

We aim to improve our clients' software security processes to the highest possible level. Progress is compared against top players in the industry using the BSIMM6 model, so our clients achieve tangible and measurable improvements.